TransactCare Showcases Innovative PointClickCare Payment Solution at Summit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NVTransactCare, the leading pioneer PointClickCare payment partner for senior care, proudly showcased its solutions at the PointClickCare Summit held from November 3rd to 6th in Las Vegas. Recognized for championing secure, simple, and tailored payment solutions within the senior care continuum, TransactCare’s participation emphasized its pioneering role in the evolving landscape of long-term care payments.

As the leading member of the PointClickCare’s Marketplace, TransactCare is redefining how families and facilities manage senior care payments, driving innovation and simplicity.

Jameson Emling, SVP of Business Development at TransactCare, shared,

“Our presence at the PointClickCare Summit underscores our commitment to revolutionize the senior care payment arena. We’re here to ensure that the focus remains on the welfare of seniors, eliminating payment hassles.”

About TransactCare’s Innovative PointClickCare Payment Solution:

TransactCare integrates effortlessly with long-term care facilities, ensuring payments are electronically streamlined. By sending payment instructions via email or text, TransactCare offers unmatched convenience for families.

Features and Benefits

Digital Payment:

Experience the versatility of electronic payments with TransactCare, from credit/debit cards to ACH and e-Checks. Optimized for both desktop and mobile, the platform provides flexibility with registered and guest payment options.

Client Support Services:

TransactCare’s comprehensive self-service tools encompass user management, reporting, and secure storage for future transactions.


Gain full visibility with transparent payment histories and requirements.

Automated Boarding:

With an impressive onboarding speed of just 96 hours, TransactCare guarantees efficient workflows.

Integration with PointClickCare:

Witness the synergy of PointClickCare and TransactCare. With real-time account balances and a PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant setup, users enjoy a secure, streamlined billing and payment experience.

COO of TransactCare, John Wilson, remarked,

“Our collaboration with PointClickCare fortifies trust, precision, and security in every transaction.”

TransactCare remains at the vanguard of senior care payment solutions, ensuring a hassle-free experience as the sector progresses. For a deeper insight, please explore TransactCare’s website.