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Secure Payments For Long Term Care

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Paying For Long Term Care Is Simple and Secure

When your loved one is in a long term care facility, paying for their care should be simple, secure, and easy. With TransactCare™, you can pay each bill electronically with ease. You can access your full account history, and choose to pay via Credit Card or ACH/eCheck both simply and securely.

How Does It Work?

When you enroll your family member at a long term facility, the facility will set you up automatically within the TransactCare system. As they send invoices via email or text message, simply follow the included payment instructions. Your invoices can be paid via Credit Card or via eCheck. Store your preferred payment method for easy future use, including the ability to enable your stored payment method for automated future payments.


TransactCare secures all payment data in a PCI Level 1 payment vault for maximum security and operates under strict HIPAA compliance.


Pay your way via Credit Card, or connect your bank account directly using eCheck for a simple and secure payment experience.


Easily setup recurring payments for an automated experience, or pay each bill one at a time as you desire. TransactCare makes it simple.


Focusing On Your Residents

Technology is meant to make our lives better. The mission of TransactCare is to facilitate payments for resident expenses. The TransactCare platform enables PointClickCare users to present invoices directly to account guarantors via email, mobile, and web. For payors, there are many options available including the ability to pay via Credit Card and ACH/eCheck options. New facility setup and integration with PointClickCare takes only a few minutes, and frees your staff to focus on your residents rather than accounts receivable.


Automatically notify account guarantors when bills are due via email or text message. Automatically deliver receipts for payment in real time.


TransactCare reminds guarantors when bills remain unpaid, and presents clear reporting for administrators to track receivables.


Payments are received securly via ACH/eCheck and Credit Cards, delivered to your facility designated bank account the very next banking day.


TransactCare is integrated directly with PointClickCare for administrative user authentication ensuring up to date privilage management. All systems are HIPAA compliant.


TransactCare empowers payors to keep payment methods securely on file, and even allows them to setup real time automatic and recurring payments.


New Facility setup takes only minutes, empowering you to focus on residents rather than accounts receivable.