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Simplifying Payments

At TransactCare, we are more than just a payment platform. We are your partner in ensuring that resident expenses are addressed seamlessly and efficiently. Our integration with PointClickCare not only simplifies the payment process but also brings a world of convenience to account guarantors, facility administrators, and residents alike. Dive into the future of care facility transactions, where technology meets compassion.  Discover how seamless PointClickCare payments can be.

Transact care

Focusing On
Your Residents

In today’s world, technology is fundamentally meant to make our lives better. In line with this vision, the primary mission of TransactCare is to simplify and facilitate payments for resident expenses. By harnessing the power of technology, the TransactCare platform seamlessly enables PointClickCare users to present invoices directly to account guarantors via channels such as email, mobile, and web. For payors, this translates into a plethora of convenient payment options, including the ability to pay via Credit Card and ACH/eCheck. Furthermore, setting up a new facility and integrating with PointClickCare is not only intuitive but also takes merely a few minutes. Ultimately, this efficiency allows your staff to redirect their energy and focus on your residents, ensuring that the complexities of accounts receivable become a thing of the past.


Automatically notify account guarantors when bills are due via email or text message. Automatically deliver receipts for payment in real time.


TransactCare reminds guarantors when bills remain unpaid, and presents clear reporting for administrators to track receivables.


Payments are received securly via ACH/eCheck and Credit Cards, delivered to your facility designated bank account the very next banking day.


TransactCare is integrated directly with PointClickCare for administrative user authentication ensuring up to date privilage management. All systems are HIPAA compliant.


TransactCare empowers payors to keep payment methods securely on file, and even allows them to setup real time automatic and recurring payments.


New Facility setup takes only minutes, empowering you to focus on residents rather than accounts receivable.

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Transact With Confidence, Care With Compassion.

In the evolving landscape of care, TransactCare stands as a beacon of reliability. Our platform is designed with both administrators and residents in mind, ensuring that every transaction is as seamless as it is secure. Together, we can ensure that the administrative side of care doesn’t stand in the way of what truly matters – the well-being of our residents.