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TransactCare’s secure payer login allows you to easily view monthly statements, make payments via credit card or eCheck, and set up automated or one-time payments. TransactCare prioritizes your security, adhering to strict HIPAA guidelines and PCI Level 1 compliance.

Private Payments

Connect, Transact, Relax: Effortlessly Manage Your Care Expenses

At TransactCare, we simplify the way you handle your or your loved ones’ expenses for long-term care facilities, cognitive care, and retirement communities. Whether you’re settling room and board payments or overseeing crucial medical costs, our secure web portal is designed to deliver peace of mind. Embrace convenience, security, and clarity with TransactCare, so you can focus on what truly matters – enjoying life and carefree living. Start managing with confidence today.

How we work

How Does It Work?

When you or your family member enroll at a long term facility, the facility will set you up automatically within the TransactCare system.


TransactCare secures all payment data in a PCI Level 1 payment vault for maximum security and operates under strict HIPAA compliance.


Pay your way via Credit Card, or connect your bank account directly using eCheck for a simple and secure payment experience.


Easily setup recurring payments for an automated experience, or pay each bill one at a time as you desire. TransactCare makes it simple.

The facility Administrator’s Dream

Integrated Payment Processing for


Automate payments

Simplify your life with increased transparency.

Embrace a greener and more efficient way to handle your payments. With TransactCare’s electronic statements and automated recurring payments, you can say goodbye to the delays and hassles of traditional mailed bills. No more checks to write, stamps to buy, or envelopes to mail. Instead, experience the simplicity of reviewing and downloading your bills the moment they’re issued, and scheduling payments that align with your lifestyle. TransactCare empowers you with greater transparency and efficiency, freeing up your valuable time for the things that matter most.