TransactCare and PointClickCare Pioneering the Future of Private Payments in Senior Care

USA – TransactCare, renowned for its innovative payment solutions, proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with PointClickCare, the premier cloud-based software provider in senior care. This collaboration solidifies TransactCare’s role as PointClickCare’s inaugural bespoke provider for private payments, tailored with precision to enhance the PointClickCare Payments experience for facilities and their cherished residents.

William Carmen, CEO of TransactCare, articulated the significance of this venture, saying, “Our union with PointClickCare epitomizes our unwavering commitment to redefining PointClickCare Payments in the senior care sector.  With a platform dedicated to PointClickCare’s private payments ecosystem, we aim to set a new gold standard for financial interactions between facilities and residents.”

Given PointClickCare’s status as a titan in senior care technology, the incorporation of TransactCare’s premier payment platform was an intuitive next step. This synergy promises a seamless and fortified PointClickCare private payments journey, holding true to PointClickCare’s esteemed reputation in senior care.

Highlights of the Partnership:

Tailored PointClickCare Payments Experience:

TransactCare’s intuitive platform melds flawlessly with PointClickCare, ensuring a streamlined and dynamic private payments system for all involved.

Top-tier Security Protocols:

Transactions are guaranteed within a PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant environment, emphasizing the paramount importance of PointClickCare private payments’ security.

Bespoke Payment Innovations:

TransactCare’s offerings are sculpted with a rich understanding of senior care nuances, guaranteeing PointClickCare facilities and their residents a private payment solution that feels custom-made.

Unwavering Support:

With a 24/7 support backbone, both facilities and residents can rest easy knowing they have unwavering assistance, ensuring the PointClickCare private payments experience is nothing short of exemplary.


The union of TransactCare and PointClickCare heralds a new dawn for private payments, establishing a paradigm where the user is always at the center of every transaction.

For deeper insights into how TransactCare’s partnership with PointClickCare is revolutionizing the senior care financial landscape, please visit TransactCare’s website.

About TransactCare:

Based in the USA, TransactCare stands at the frontier of healthcare payment solutions. Central to their ethos is the creation of a seamless transaction environment, empowering care facilities to direct their energies where it’s most needed: delivering unparalleled patient care.